My skin is no where near perfect. I totally have blemishes and marks. But it feels better and looks a lot better than it did. 

Are you ready for some of the easiest yet most effective self care tips? 
Implementing these little tips into my day to day have proven to given my skin the boost it needed. Two of my favorite recipes are at the end too. Are you ready for glowing, healthier skin? 

1. Stay hydrated. I started following myself around with water. Our body is mostly made up of water so it’s super important to make sure we’re staying hydrated. Follow yourself around with water.

Ditch the toxins that are all over your home to help your cells detox. Products with toxins in them clog up our pores and cells. I found my body and mind responds better in a home that has low toxic exposure. 

Eat foods rich in skin support. Orange and yellow vegetables and fruits and leafy greens are go to options. Fatty fish contains vitamin E, which is a great antioxidant for the skin too. Foods with vitamin c help create collagen. We have so many natural, delicious options around us that benefit our skin. 

4. Drink green tea
in addition to staying hydrated with water, drinking green tea can be beneficial to the skin. I love drinking green tea with honey and lemon. I’ll put one of my favorite tea recipes below. 

5. Wash your face 
At least at night to rid the day and especially makeup. It’s important to allow your skin to breath while you sleep. During sleep, the skin builds collagen and blood flow increases.  It’s called recovery mode, a repair and regeneration phase.
I love washing my face at night but I wasn’t always great about it. I usually do it right after dinner while I still have a little energy left.

6. Invest in a jade roller
if you don’t have one already, go get one. Mines from amazon, I’ll link it here. Jade rollers are so good and beneficial. Jade is cooling no matter what, which gives it unique benefits for our skin. The cooling roll can reduce puffiness and brighten complexion. It also supports draining the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is apart of our cardiovascular and immune systems.
7. Saunas 
I have set a new goal for myself to visit a sauna at least 3 times a week for under an hour. I can’t really stand being in them honestly, but the benefits outweigh and I read a lot that the consistency is what makes the difference. I suppose I’ll get used to them. To stay on topic but talk about some of the awesome benefits of them, saunas help detox the body and cleanse the skin. Cleaning out all the pores is the best and you really do feel so good after.

8. Clean up your makeup 
If it is anything like mine was, it’s jam packed with toxins. I had no idea since I never thought our government would allow just anything to be put into our makeup. Oh, it is so gross the amount of chemicals! I found a company that self bans like thousands and thousands of chemicals from their beauty line. The makeup industry is not regulated which is scary. It’s up to the company to keep it clean and your thorough research for cleaner makeup . Some of my makeup is off amazon, like priori, and some is from here, like my misting sprays, brushes and powders

I hope you loved some of my favorite tips and tricks to how I get my skin to glow!!  I feel like these were the top moves that really made a difference in my latest skin improvements and I’m so excited to share them with you. Here’s that green tea recipe I mentioned earlier. Love, love making this green tea drink! It is so soothing to unwind in the evening with a hot cup of tea. It is also beneficial for your skin.

Green tea recipe 
Insulated Mug. I love my yeti and I’ll link here too the one I’m going to pick up! 
Green Tea
1tsp. Organic or Local Honey
1-2 drops Lemon Vitality Essential Oil 
12oz. Hot water 

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