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I'm so happy you found your way here. 
I'm Candice and that's my hubby Joey. We met 25 years ago at my cousins birthday party and cherish this one photo we have from that day. I love that piece to our story. 
I love living life with him and love that we love and grow life together. 

We used to be just fur parents and now we have the sweetest little baby boy to love on and spoil. 
All the fall and winter cuddles loading …...

I was born and raised a city girl and in my late late teens, I followed my brother to South Carolina for a few years. Honey, do I miss the south or what! I'm cozied up in South Jersey now with my family but it is nothing like living a southern country life. 

All my days built around a fisherman's schedule and lately well controlled by the baby clock. 
I am thankful for the freedom of my work and the fact that Joey gets all winter off with his job.

In other randomness about me, I have zero control when it comes to buying leggings, falling in love with boho modern décor, and using/learning about essential oils and holistic living. 
Poppy Art Pink and Sugar Daddy are my favorite Essie colors for my pedicures and I would spend every second in nature if Jersey didn't get so cold. 
I live for coffee and surprisingly it was the easiest thing for me to avoid during my pregnancy. 

Living as natural as possible has been a main focus of our for years now.
We dove even deeper when our sweet girl Angel got sick and now even more so with our son. 
I love that I am able to not only provide healthy, toxic free options for my family but that I was able to create an amazing team and generate income for my family too. 

I love that this space gives me a chance to share so much of that with you and whenever you are ready to join us, we are here! We feel our best since we have switched to more natural, toxic free living. It has also opened us up to an entirely different, more free and light way of life that we are obsessed with. 

My favorite things to chat about are shopping finds, I love finding amazing deals. 
Life experiences, first time mom things, healthy and holistic tips and tricks and just the amazing parts of life in general are things I love being able to share with you guys through this space. 

I work from home running a digital graphic design, marketing business and building a health and wellness team.  I went to college but I don't use my degree. I simply just love the freedom and flexibility of being a wellness coach and freelance graphic designer. 

We really are living such a happy, healthy and beautiful life. We have so many big goals and dreams ahead of us to reach and I love that every single day, more of you are joining us on that journey. 
It's always easier to live your best life, stay motivated and keep up with your goals of living naturally when you have a group of friends to do it with. 

The door is always open. Just reach out to me and start following along 

What do you want to know? 
Send me questions and I will answer them below! 

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FAQ answered here 
How did you and Joey meet? 
We met at my cousins 8th birthday party in his backyard. 
Joey had just turned 7 and I was 6, turning 7 in a few months. 
We actually have a precious photo we are putting in the nursery of the day we met. 
He was seriously the most adorable kid ever. 

Do you plan on writing a book about your dogs health journey? 

I had a lot of intentions of writing a book about Angels health journey.  
A lot of it stemmed from looking back at things I wish I understood sooner. 
Lately though, it is really hard to even think about her. 
It would be a great honor to write a book in hopes of prolonging the life of another dog like I was able to do for my girl. 
But for right now, my heart needs time. She was by my side, inseparable for 13 years. 
Went everywhere with me. I am so thankful for that time with her but it has left a big void in my life. 
One day though, because taking that journey head on in the dark was life changing. 

What are your must have products/ items? My top ten favorite blog post is up now! 

What made you start a blog? 
I loved the idea of branding myself and my journey on social media so others could follow along and start living their best life too.
I find so much inspiration from so many, that I wanted to be out there doing the same. 
It is such a blessing, truly, to be able to do this. I love sharing about my natural and best life journey. 
I hope you love following along and are making so many positive changes to living and loving your best life. 

What is your time saving guide all about? Did you really use it to help structure your goals + day and reduce your work by hours? 
So many times yes, this guide has insanely changed the way my day goes.
I am always chasing new goals and working a lot of angles. I needed a daily reminder of the smaller, but important tasks I needed to do to get there. 
This is a system to help guide daily activities, help work efficiently (smarter not harder), produce better outcomes and crush goals. It helped me get to my best life. 
The one I dreamed of living but was in a snails race to get to. 
Joey and I have both seen insane growth towards our goals. We are so excited and I highly recommend you try it out.
It’s free so why not, right? It changed my approach, sharpened management skills, guided goals and held me accountable. It boosted my confidence, businesses, wellbeing and life. It would be amazing to see what it will do for you! You can click here for the guide and it will be emailed so that you can save it much easier to view whenever. 

It is something you'll want to refer to often. I have an online group too for motivation, ideas, testimonies and so much more that you’re welcome to join. 
Access to there is in the link above.