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Welcome babe! I am happy you found your way to my blog 

What goes on in here? Shopping finds, holistic talks, DIY, advice and inspo, dog mom life, boy mom things, home owning, boho and midcentury loving, and just all the things that make up a happy and healthy beautiful life. 

My blog took off with tons of tips and tricks about time management and making your goals and dreams reality. What mom doesn't want to be able to cater to her family while still feeling apart of the business world? It will always feel like there are not enough hours in the day, but surprisingly there are. 

I am a mom and I love being able to cherish and be part of every special moment in my sons life. I work from home and I am really grateful my hubby was able to give our family that opportunity. Between blogging, essential oils business and digital graphic design, I am able to generate an income to offset my love of shopping :) That makes any mom feel good when she is not only able to be home with her child but generate an income too. 

I used to work really, really hard and long days. Now I have learned to work super short days and accomplish way more. I am being way more intentional with my time and it is making all the difference. So if you are where I used to be, poke around my blog, sign up for my newsletters and come learn a bit about how I changed my mindset and lifestyle just a few short years ago. 

It is so manageable and achievable, so don't think it cannot be for you. Everyone has to start somewhere and start small. The longer you wait, the more you're holding yourself out on amazing things for your life and family. 

There are links that will bring you to helpful blog posts, exclusive online communities and places to help you get started with ease. Get pumped and stay motivated because now is the time to make the changes for a different tomorrow. You are going to live your best life. 

Come join our team and make it happen. 

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