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Hi friends! I'm so happy you found your way here. 
I'm Candice and that's Joey.
I was born and raised in the city, lived for a few way down south and 
now I'm with my favorite person at the Jersey shore. 
Life is on a fisherman's schedule these days and I'm pretty lucky to have it that way. 

I'm a fur mom and about to be a boy mom come October! 
we are so excited to love on and spoil our little son. 
All the fall and winter cuddles loading …...

I have zero control when it comes to anything boho modern, leggings and essential oils. How about you?
For a long time, I've been all about living life as natural as possible. 
I love that my blog gives me a chance to share some of those amazing natural things with you. 
My blog and facebook page are full of natural things and DIYs.
It is my favorite thing to share and a majority of what runs my life. 

Let's be real though, I drink orange juice when it's mixed with prosecco and I'll totally sit down and stuff my face with glazed donuts and cupcakes. Brunch will always have my heart and I love baking a massive amount of cupcakes for basically an empty room.

I am a graphic designer. I went to school for Health Science and turned up a marketing, digital designer. 
I keep my health degree in check with my oily, natural life but I truly love being a graphic designer. 

We are house hunting for our next home and couldn't be more excited to settle in and decorate the nursery for baby boy. Joey and I met when we were little itsy bitsy kids and we have been together for 6 years so it has been a lot of fun living life with him by myside. 

We have two fur babes, Angel and Bentley who are spoiled beyond belief. If you ever see my Instagram stories, then you're totally laughing right now. 
2020 took a fur baby from us and we miss her dearly. Rest in peace to our sweet girl Angel. Will forever miss my Carolina Girl and will see her again one day with our fur baby Smurfette. Life just stings sometimes. 

South Jersey year round is peaceful and it fills up my love of the outdoors. I could be outside all day if the weather didn't get so cold here. I love to travel, read, exercise and pretend that I do yoga on the reg. 
I used to drink coffee like it was my main job but baby boy has put a stop on that. 

I feel like I have done a lot in a little bit of time. I have been and lived all over, changed careers a few times and explored so many angles of life. Everything has worked out as it needed to and brought me right here talking to you. I can say I live my best life and I honestly love every bit of it. 

We have big goals and dreams we are chasing friends, come follow along and join the journey. 
It's always easier to live your best life, stay motivated and keep up with your goals of living naturally when you have a group of friends to do it with.
Come join the salty fam

What do you want to know? 
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FAQ answered here 
How did you and Joey meet? 
My cousins 8th birthday party. Joey was 7, I was 6. I actually have a photo hanging in our house of my cousin blowing out his candles, my mom momming in some fashiobable 90s jeans and Joey in the back with the cutest hair style ever. He was the most adorable little kid. 
That cute photo is over 20 years old 

Do you plan on writing a book about your dogs health journey? 
Yes, so many times, yes. I already started jotting down notes. I feel like I may benefit having someone help me structure the book so it is perfect (if that's you, message me, I need you!) 
The obstacles she has overcome are out of this world and amazing motivation + guidance for pet parents to use holistic options in conjunction with modern day medicine on their fur babes. The book will get written, just not sure when.

Losing Angel has made it difficult but it has also made me want to say so much. I see now with her gone all the places I could've done better and I want to be help to anyone struggling like I did. Taking that journey head on in the dark was intense. 

What are your must have products/ items? My top ten favorite blog post is up now! 

What made you start a blog? 
I loved the idea of branding myself and my journey on social media so others could follow along and start living their best life too. I find so much inspiration from so many, that I wanted to be out there doing the same. It is such a blessing, truly, to be able to do this. I love sharing about my natural and best life journey. 
I hope you love following along and are making so many positive changes to living and loving your best life. 

What is your time saving guide all about? Did you really use it to help structure your goals + day and reduce your work by hours? 
So many times yes, this guide has insanely changed the way my day goes. I am always chasing new goals and working a lot of angles. I needed a daily reminder of the smaller, but important tasks I needed to do to get there. 

This is a system to help guide daily activities, help work efficiently (smarter not harder), produce better outcomes and crush goals. It helped me get to my best life. 
The one I dreamed of living but was in a snails race to get to. 

Joey and I have both seen insane growth towards our goals. We are so excited and I highly recommend you try it out. It’s free so why not, right? It changed my approach, sharpened management skills, guided goals and held me accountable. It boosted my confidence, businesses, wellbeing and life. It would be amazing to see what it will do for you! You can click here for the guide and it will be emailed so that you can save it much easier to view whenever. 

It is something you'll want to refer to often. I have an online group too for motivation, ideas, testimonies and so much more that you’re welcome to join. 
Access to there is in the link above.